Re: The FAQ is (not) completed! ;-)

Tim Bates (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:32:45 +1100

Natasha Vita-More said

>There are two areas that need rethinking [in the FAQ]

>First, one area where I did stumble was re extropianism and politics: As an
>extropian (and on the Advisory Council) I am *NOT* a libertarian. I am
>someone who votes on issues and not party aligned.

Firstly, I would note that libertarianism is not a political party, it is a philosophy.

Also, I would be willing to argue that it would be very hard to be extropian and not believe in maximal liberty for individuals and minimal government, probably as defined by Rand as zero government outside defending the (libertarian) constitution.

Still, I agree that one does not need to belong to the Libertarian Party to be extropian nor does the minimal definition of extropian views on political life, as above, correspond to hard-core libertarianism.

I wonder what the resolution is? Transhumanism must have a political philosophy of some kind if it is a minimally complete view of human future.

I propose this passage:

"Transhumans do not view any larger organisation which they may join from time to time as being in any way transcendent of their individual selves. Their politics are constrained by this principle.

In particular, Transhumanism excludes all communitarian forms of government based on notions that any other individual, "society", or any other entity has any call upon them which transcends the transhumanist's individual choices.

Several rights which all transhumanists accept extend from this notion of self as personal property and are an essential element of Transhumanism.

An exemplar right which may be derived from these transhuman principles is that suicide is a human right."

>Secondly, ... the credit goes to
>Max More for having created the world view of transhumanism

Yes. Let's just say "Max More defined Transhumanism."