Re: The FAQ is completed!

Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 12:10:51 -0600

Congratulations on the FAQ, Nick!

There are two areas that need rethinking:

First, one area where I did stumble was re extropianism and politics: As an extropian (and on the Advisory Council) I am *NOT* a libertarian. I am someone who votes on issues and not party aligned. This is important. I don't want to be associated with any one political group, and since I do hold a position with Extropy Institute, I do not want to be affiliated with a particular political party. This has been started by many extropians and it should be respected.

Secondly, Max More originally defined Transhumanism. Where you say, "The definition of transhumanism is based on contributions by many people, especially Kathryn Aegis and Max More" I find this inaccurate. Let's be honest here and if we are going to credit people for their work done, let's do it with integrity. Many of people put a lot of work into the redefining of transhumanism on the list, and surely Kathryn did work on this with some good suggestions as well as a number of other folks, but the credit goes to Max More for having created the world view of transhumanism and whomever redefines thereafter surely should be recognized within their own particular circles and affiliations with this in mind.

These two areas are of concern to me because they have been lurking around for a while now and I don't understand why this is necessary. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the fact that these two particular areas are still unsettled.

Thank you Nick for your continued work on transhumanism. I hope we can once and for all deal with the above as transhumanists and realize that extropians are not desirous of creating lines but by advancing thinking to be welcome people and to work together.