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>Happy Galileo Day everyone!
>A good day to contemplate the overturning of old paradigms. (To be fair,
>it would be good also to observe Copernicus Day -- when was he born?)

IAN: Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) defined the rate at which falling bodies accelerate near the Earth, which has more recently been determined to be 9.8 meters per second squared in a vacuum. 357 years after his death, the physical truths Galileo helped to define are still being denied and desecrated by the ruling authorities.

The distance any object near the Earth will fall from rest in a vacuum in 29 seconds is 13,500 feet. However, the CIA proclaims that FLT800 fell from the apex of a dramatic climb (and thus from rest) 17,000 feet in only 29 seconds, and that's NOT in a vacuum! The CIA scenario violates Galileoian physical law by a very wide margin.

PROOF: The distance an object will fall from rest in a given time (t) in a vacuum is found with the equation (.5 * g * t^2), where "g" the gravitational acceleration near the Earth. So all we need to plug in is the 29 seconds and we will know how far any object will fall near the Earth in vacco, which reveals to one and all:

Fall distance = (.5 * 9.8 * 29^2) = 4,120 m = 13,500 feet

The U.S. Government claims that an object would fall about 25% faster than the physical law defined by Galileo allows, and if we add in the slowing effect of atmospheric drag, the violation of Galileoian law is even more horrendous. Our Govt and Galileo cannot both be right at the same time, therefore, either the physics books or the official FLT800 scenario must be rewritten. Logic dictates.

So the facts Galileo set out to define are still working centuries later to topple the claims of tyrannical authoritarian structures, unfortunately, like in Galileo's day, those who question the authorities are often so assaulted by the authoritarian establishment, that they are compelled to recant their views, just like Galileo was centuries ago.

CIA's anti-Galileo video: Calculating fall distance, elementary physics 101:

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