Alzheimer's disease...

Murray Propes (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 19:23:09 -0600

Hello All, I just completed a two week Alheimer's disease clinic elective. After speaking to several neuropathologists who feel that Alzheimers disease is an inevitable fate for all that live long enough I have some somber conclusions. Since 10% of people age 70 have dementia
(>50% due to Alzheimer's), and that number climbs to 40% of people by
age 85, by my calculations, nearly 100% of people who reach 115 will be demented (aymptotically speaking of course, as we know nothing is 100%). My point is just that any chemical which radically extends human life, but is not lipophilic enough to cross the blood brain barrier, will be far worse than no treatment at all. Murray