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At 10:04 PM 2/10/99 -0800, Hal wrote:

>According to this story, which I found (credited to Ian) at
>, the government claimed
>that the agents it was using were not harmful. It seems that when a
>substance was found to be dangerous, the government stopped using it.

IAN: You didn't fully read Dr. Cole's testimoney. Read this part (emphasis added to part you missed):

"In fact, during 45 years of open air testing, from time to time the army has stopped using certain simulants for reasons of safety. In each instance the army belatedly recognized they could be causing disease and death, ALTHOUGH SUCH INFORMATION HAD LONG BEEN <---- AVAILABLE IN THE MEDICAL LITERATURE." <-----

If the harmful effects were in the literature about chemical X, then X was KNOWN to be harmful, and thus they sprayed known-to-be-hazardous agents. If you read more about the military testing programs, you'll see blatant B.S. is SOP. Dr. Cole also states:

"Since tests involve spraying simulants outdoors, it is important to understand how much risk they pose to humans who are exposed. Official statements have not always been dear on this matter. A July 1993 news release by the Dugway Public Affairs Office indicates that "no specific safety controls or protection are required for testing with simulants." The statement implies, erroneously, that the simulants are harmless."

>Whether the government truly believed that the biochem agents were
>harmless or not, we don't know; but undoubtedly the soldiers involved
>were told that they were safe.
>Dumping chemicals they believed to be harmless on civilian populations
>is a different matter from shooting them.

IAN: The chem-test ops are scientific operations run by dozens of people with PhD's who know or can easily know what the effects of the agents they chose to spray. I would be surprised if safety measures were not in effect for the handling by service men and woman of the agents that were sprayed, they probably knew you should avoid breathing it (that had to be the case is releases of lethal bacteria in the San Francisco bay), such that even those who delivered the so-called "safe" chemicals had to have a clue or the minds of children. I'm sure they knew they better not breath it in.

>It is surely difficult to understand the actions of so many people under
>the Nazi regime. However, it seems not to have been a matter of people
>harming their fellow men. Anti-semitism was widespread, and many of the
>people involved in carrying out the Holocaust seemed to truly believe
>that the Jews were subhuman and undeserving of compassion. An essential
>element was this demonizing of the victims, so that they were not seen as

IAN: The US government was able, overnight, to turn David Koresh and his entire community into evil monsters, and then to proceed to gas, burn, and machine gun (proven with the FLIR video) some 80 people right in from of our face, and most people thought they had it coming. After the OKC bombing there was an over-night deep change that saw anti-government ideologies as bad. GovtMedia disinformation and shock-trauma events can quickly
model public opinion to demonize targets.

>It would probably be more difficult to induce this kind of differentiation
>in our increasingly homogeneous society. The armed services represent
>one of the greatest successes of racial integration. The racial and
>cultural makeup of the National Guard is probably not too different from
>that of the civilian population they are protecting. Things will have
>to get very, very bad before the military is willing to fire on average
>American civilians.

IAN: Consider the context. A massive terrorist event has occurred, the nation wiped into terror and shock, the Govt then defines a brought group of "terrorists" and then the soldiers are not shooting at "civilians." David Koresh and his followers were not "civilians," they were cult members. They did not live in a community but a compound. They got a fair number of military and FBI people gunning down citizens in Waco Tx, and that is a fact, and so the worse case we're talking about, it's already happened.

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