Re: Y2K: Am I paranoid?
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 22:04:27 -0800

Ian Goddard writes:

> IAN: But the facts speak clearly: if military
> personnel are told to go and dump chemical or
> biological agent X on a whole community, they
> will do it, because they have done it, and
> I've never heard about a single military
> personnel complaining or coming forward
> to blow the cover-up. The facts simply
> appeared in some FOIA request responses,
> and that was about tests old enough to
> be declassified, and the Govt is not held
> accountable because poisoning's been legal.

According to this story, which I found (credited to Ian) at, the government claimed that the agents it was using were not harmful. It seems that when a substance was found to be dangerous, the government stopped using it. Whether the government truly believed that the biochem agents were harmless or not, we don't know; but undoubtedly the soldiers involved were told that they were safe.

Dumping chemicals they believed to be harmless on civilian populations is a different matter from shooting them.

> Do people think that in Nazi Germany there
> was just a real bad crop of young men that
> inflicted untold brutality on prisoners, that
> pushed whole families into gas chambers? I
> think the logical situation is that German
> youth of the 1930s were not an inherently more
> bad group of people than others, I think it's
> just that a fair percentage of the people you
> see every day would push your family into a
> gas chamber if the powers that be of their
> society were to order them to do it.

It is surely difficult to understand the actions of so many people under the Nazi regime. However, it seems not to have been a matter of people harming their fellow men. Anti-semitism was widespread, and many of the people involved in carrying out the Holocaust seemed to truly believe that the Jews were subhuman and undeserving of compassion. An essential element was this demonizing of the victims, so that they were not seen as human.

It would probably be more difficult to induce this kind of differentiation in our increasingly homogeneous society. The armed services represent one of the greatest successes of racial integration. The racial and cultural makeup of the National Guard is probably not too different from that of the civilian population they are protecting. Things will have to get very, very bad before the military is willing to fire on average American civilians.