Re: subtle effects of long term exposures on longevity?

Skye Howard (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:13:05 -0800 (PST)

Excuse my ignorance, but what is CRAN? I have not heard of it previously, ansd was curious....
This discussion seems pretty far to be interesting, and I am not sure how to contribute, exactly.....There was an item in a magazine dating from the 50's stating that accidental ingestion of toothpaste could cause bone deformities in the long run, but not having verified this, I do not know whether it is relevant OR factual.

---david gobel <> wrote:


> Hi,
> Have any of you seen research on the long term effects of exposure to
> ubiquitous environmental factors on longevity?
> For instance,
> What is the long term effect if any of rubbing cleansers (soap) on
> skin. Is there subtle penetration past the skin barrier? If so, does
> body react defensively? Does the continual, daily reduction of oils
> changing of Ph levels cause the body to go on a long term homeostatis
> maintaining sojourn that over time causes difficult to identify
systemic, ie
> autoimmune effects? To test my question, I have been avoiding the
use of
> soap while showering. Since I'm a gold collar worker, there is no
grime in
> this. I know, I know - you're all glad email is non-olfactory ;-) But
> truthfully I have not "sensed" any actual difference in odor,
cleanliness or
> other well being issues, nor have folks been avoiding me that I can
> I have been changing clothes more frequently as a social precaution.
> has been proceeding for one week.
> What if any is the long term effect of detergent residues and dry
> chemical residues on clothing?
> What is the long term effect of sleeping on billions of dust mites and
> inhaling their feces on our autoimmune systems? Does a continual
battle with
> these allergens eventually cause early flame out of immune production
> systems due to limits (ie Hayflick)? Does the immune regulatory
system get
> tired of the whole thing, and decide the simplest way to fix the
problem is
> to stop fighting the allergen, and self destruct?
> Has anyone ever done a test for dust mite and mite allergen
> in human clothing? other parasites?
> Much of the commentary and conjecture of the list, and my own areas of
> interest have been related to nutrition, and genetic/endochrin
> interventions. However, perhaps some of these proactive efforts are
> necessitated because of lifelong, habituations which have outlived
> usefulness - which if identified, and modified/replaced/eliminated
> provide elimination of causes.
> I think cran is an example of the above. By practicing CRAN, I have
> eliminated many ills and pains of my body due to purely Biomechanical
> my upper - inner thighs no longer rub together
whenever I
> walk...thus, my stride is straighter, thus, I am not over-rotating
my lower
> joints extremities, and am not overpronating my feet to counteract
the shock
> of extra weight. Thus I have less pain, feel better, and love life
> No....seriously,
> Dave Gobel

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