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Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:05:01 -0500

EvMick@AOL.COM wrote:

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> writes:
> > he Alvarez asteroid which killed the
> > dinos created a shock wave that went around the planet and focused in the
> > middle
> > of the Indian Ocean (where the island which is now India was at the time)
> > and
> > turned the area which is now the Deccan plateau to lava....
> That's interesting. I wonder if you could expound upon that just a little?
> I ask because I recently read a book (Science Fiction...but supposedly based
> on science) which had as part of it's premise that the dinosaurs were NOT
> wiped out by an asteroid but rather by multiple and extreme volcanic eruptions
> in India.

> I'd never heard that before nor what you've just mentioned....but they
> apparently might tie together.

Yes, they (the asteroid strike and the eruptions) date concurrently, and according to my cousin the geologist as well as a documentary I saw on the Discovery channel, the stress fractures from the shock wave can be found on both sides of the planet, and simulations run on computers show that eruptions on the opposite side of the planet would occur with such a large strike.

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