Re: Major Technologies

Dan Clemmensen (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:50:40 -0500 wrote:
> writes:
> > As a reminder of what all this ia about, I feel that an SI
> > is needed to control nanotech, and that nanotech without an
> > SI will lead to the destruction of humanity.
> If I had nanotech I'd do two things relatively soon.
> 1. Upload. (thereby making time irrelevant)
> 2. Leave. (so what if it takes a long time to cross interstellar
> space...just slow down my "clock-cycle")
> Were there others with similiar ideas as mine (it COULD happen) then humanity
> would disperse. A dispersed target is extremely difficult to destroy.

Unfortunately, nanotech by itself doesn't enable uploading. Uploading requires solution to s lot of other problems. It's a whole lot easier to implement a humanity-destroying scheme.

Fortunately (at least from my perspective,) an SI will almost certainly precede nanotech anyway. If not then if I personally can acquire nanotech, my first project will be an attempt to build an SI by running the best AI programs on huge nubers of nanotech computers, in a desperate attempt to protect against nanotech catastrophe.