Re: Major Technologies
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 22:42:46 EST

I am rumored to have said:

> > If I had nanotech I'd do two things relatively soon.
> >
> > 1. Upload. (thereby making time irrelevant)
> > 2. Leave. (so what if it takes a long time to cross interstellar
> > space...just slow down my "clock-cycle")
> >
> > Were there others with similiar ideas as mine (it COULD happen) then
> humanity
> > would disperse. A dispersed target is extremely difficult to destroy.

To which Dan Replied.

> >
> Unfortunately, nanotech by itself doesn't enable uploading. Uploading
> requires solution to s lot of other problems. It's a whole lot easier
> to implement a humanity-destroying scheme.

True...well then. Reverse the priorities.

Leave first...(work on uploading....maybe not leave too far thereby staying in communication and benifitting from others work on that.).....then upload...(after the details are perfected).....then shag ass to points unkown.