Re: Affective mental "illnesses" and Super-Intelligence
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 17:24:47 EST

In a message dated 99-01-18 16:42:43 EST, (Dave Hall) writes:

>Question to Extropian and Transhumanist thinkers and philosophers: A

> manic-depressive with a decade long history of recurrent hypomania/mania and
> mostly mild depressive episodes chooses after initial diagnosis and
> voluntary hospitalisation to forego the "benefits" of modern medication, so
> as to better learn to "use" the cycles to enhance thinking and ability.
> Prior to diagnosis, coping mechanisms were learned by trial and error but
> are felt to be sufficiently effective. This, of course, could just be
> warped, grandiose thinking and poor judgement as per the symptoms.

> Could this person considered to be a self-experimenting transhumanist OR
> irresponsible and delusional, a danger to society and to herself/himself?

Could be both; I see no reason said categories must be exclusive. IMO the important questions would be the severity of the swings and the safeguards the person provides against damage during the extreme parts of the cycle.