Re: I'm Leaving the List

Max M (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 22:23:19 +0100

From: Hara Ra <>

>Create 4 or 5 MODERATED lists limited to specific topics. Here are some
>topics to consider:

Well ... as a true transhumanist I must add that I too find the number of messages a bit overwhelming. I therefore would like to suggest a technological solution.

What about a news server? It is easy to set up and can be combined with a maillist and a webserver with a little bit of server side scripting. This way it would be possible to acces the same messages in a multitude of ways, and it would a LOT easier to browse the threads and older messages. Isn't it about time that the old maillist gets uploaded to something more intelligent?

I would like to assist if it has any interrest. I normally do this kind of stuff for a living and it is not that big a project.

Max M Rasmussen