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From: (Harvey Newstrom)

>Different vegetarians have different goals. I am a vegetarian for
>health reasons. Statistical studies show that veggies live longer
>than meat eaters. This is the same reason that I don't smoke. I
>have not become concerned with animal rights at all. I have heard
>all the animal-rights arguments, but I choose vegetarianism for
>totally selfish reasons.

>In my case, I would avoid cloned meat even though it does not harm
>animals. If it still contained cholesterol and saturated fats
>that contribute to heart disease, it would be the same as real
>meat for my purpose. I am looking for healthy food.

The only study I am aware of is one involving 7th day adventists(sp?). I could be a bit of a wag (sorry, I was watching Noel Coward on Great Performances yesterday) and say this only proves being a 7th day adventist is good for your health. Are you aware of any other study?

Dr Bruce Ames has pointed out that a large portion of any fruit or vegetable are chemical weapons it uses against other plants and animals. There is a good co-evolutionary argument that we are better able to deal with these, but it is a point worth considering. As an Extropian, I do not suscribe to the Judeochristian notion that what is here was provided for us.

I am not the typical omnivore studied in this study either. I eat a smaller quantity, and much higher quality of meat than does the average american. I also take a state of the art regimen of vitamins/anti-oxidents and exercise.

I think cloned or vat grown meat could be produced without the dangerous compounds, and in fact, be produced with helpfull compounds grown in. There would certainly be no need to kill animals once this was possible.

This puts us in the realm of "Medical Diets/food" as suggested in Bruce Sterlings transhumanist novel "Holy Fire."

food for thought.... ;)

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