Re: Weather Modification vs People

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:16:06 -0500

At 04:29 PM 1/14/99 -0700, wrote:

>Do these revelations come as any surprise to anyone who
>understands the true nature of "government"?

IAN: What surprises me is how the entire media Establishment and thus the majority of people, believe exactly that which is necessary for "the true nature of government" to run wild!

I believe that the majority are "order-taking believers," that is, they believe what they were told and entrained to believe from youth. Public education has entrained belief subordination to that to which we pledge allegiance.. the State. Thus the emissaries of the State direct belief.

If dozens of witnesses saw a rocket kill FL800, but unknown persons at the CIA produce a video that claims noseless planes can maintain stable flight and even fly upwards at twice the normal speed (void the laws of physics), that must be true, since the witnesses are not leaders.

Every person is drilled from first grade to university to believe what their teachers/elders/leaders tell them. The people in the TV represent the leaders, and what they tell people to believe, most will believe.

As I researched libertarianism, my counter arguments against the libertarian literature that I was reading came directly from what I was told to believe in my Social Studies class in public high school. I've isolated the core source of my once-socialist mind set: the public (socialist) school system.

In social studies class I was told that unionism, federal regulation and control were the saviours of humanity from the ravages of capitalist exploitation. It was virtually Marxism 101, but more like Marx-lite, instead of going for policies that would induce famine almost over night, it's the slow/static poverty track.

As to per the question about whether the revelations of secret military-weather control Ops are a surprise. What is, (at least has been to me over several years) is that the media seems to operate as a subsidiary function of the federal govt. Observe the one and only blurb the multiple events of "cobweb" (cloud seed) dropping aircraft got in the media (USA Today, 8/11/98, page 9A):

	"UFO CLEANING: Maybe the little green men were 
	just doing a spot of cleaning but residents of 
	a small Australian community swear they saw 
	cobwebs fall from the sky after UFOs passed 
	overhead. Dozens of residents of Quirindi 
	called Australia's Antional UFO hot line 
	after the incident."

Gee, so since they could not identify the aircraft dumping cobweb-like (cloud seeding) debris on them, they were UFOs and we can laugh off the whole case. I'd say that reason stipulates that between aliens and the mass-hallucination it seems to be written off as, there is the most probable scenario: that they were military aircraft dropping the very same cloud seed that is being reported around the world, which is supported by this statement from the USAF:

     "In the US, weather modification will likely 
     become a part of national security policy with 
     both domestic and international applications."

Which indicates that secret-cloud-seeding will be world-wide.


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