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Date: 11 January 1999 08:39
Subject: Einstein the looter??

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>Samael writes:
> >Socialism/Capitalism are both ethical/moral views.
>Yes, but they're also practical methods to increase the material wealth of
>people most of the time. The only difference is that one method works and
>other fails disastrously.

Maybe I'm getting something wrong, but I thought that socialism was a practical method of increasing equality and that any increase of meterial wealth overall would be a cool side-effect but not vital to the excercise.

This of course is a huge problem, because expansion is vital to the survival of any system (unless your system is a perfect recycler - ie a perpetual motion machine) and therefore unless you are producing excess wealth your society will fall apart after a while (which is what happened to the USSR - it wasn't even remotely self sustaining).