Einstein the looter??

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Mon, 11 Jan 1999 00:14:28 -0500

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Samael writes:

>Socialism/Capitalism are both ethical/moral views.

Yes, but they're also practical methods to increase the material wealth of most people most of the time. The only difference is that one method works and the other fails disastrously.

>Do you honestly believe in objective, universal standards of right and wrong?

I passionately believe in my standard of right and wrong and think it should be universal, other people have very different standards but are equally certain they're universal. Everybody is certain but somebody, perhaps everybody, is wrong.

At 12:58 PM 1/8/99 -0600, Billy Brown wrote:

>If we condemn Einstein because he failed to see the fallacies of the
>mainstream of thought in a field he did not even practice, we are expecting
>perfection. We might as well condemn all ancient Athenians who didn't rail
>against slavery, or all medieval scholars who failed to fight for women's rights.

Good point, we'd end up condemning virtually every historic figure that ever lived for some failure to live by modern moral principles, and there doesn't seem much point in that. Besides, the important thing about Einstein was his science, his politics is about as important to me as his cooking skills. Likewise, whatever Castro's opinion of General Relativity is it would not make him less of a tyrant.

As for calling those who advocate government "looters" I admit there is a certain logic to it. However with the exception of the oddballs on this list (no insult indented, I'm an oddball too) 99.9% of the people I have contact with do believe in government, and I'm emotionally incapable of hating everyone I see as if they'd literally burglarized my house.

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