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Apologies for late reply - I'm still working on the baklog of extropian messages from over christmas.. (197 to go)

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>A personal anecdote RE Frank Zappa: In my years in Seattle, I was roomates
for a
>year or so with a guy who owned a limo business, and frequently drove for
>(usually in the middle of the night for airport runs when he couldn't get
>another driver). Once he picked up Frank Zappa at Sea-Tac airport and drove
>downtown to the Olympic Hotel. As they passed through the financial
>Frank was sticking his head out the window yelling up at the skyscrapers,
>yelling,"You capitalist bastards!!!" (it was around 11pm). This from a guy
>paying $100 an hour for a limo, who flew first class and was staying at the
>presidential suite at the Olympic Hotel, and was playing to several sold
>crowds while in town.

It's possible that by capitalist, he meant people who's only definition of good was capital - ie those who worship money rather than using it as a means to an end. I'm very happy to use money as a means to an end and as a useful tool and abstract concept. I have a strong dislike of people to whom the only good is money.