Mark D. Fulwiler (
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 12:05:45 -0800

> Mark Miloscia <> wrote:

> The developed world (including all of us) is also at fault for
> allowing starvation and death to occur when they have the power (either individually or
> through their government) to stop or mitigate it.

I think it is fine to help those in need. However, to say that I have an
OBLIGATION to help others means I am, in effect, a slave. I do not
accept responsibility for every other person on the planet nor do I
accept any fault for the results of dictatorships thousands of miles

And what exactly are you proposing we should do to help these poor souls
in third world hell holes? Should the U.S. attempt an invasion of the
entire continent of Africa? Are you going to sign up for this? Or are we
just supposed to send more bags of food and money over with no assurance
that it will ever get to those in need?

Actually, I think the best thing to do would be to ship firearms over to
any legitimate freedom fighters so they can take out the evil leaders
responsible for keeping their countries in poverty. All financial and
food aid should cease unless we know for sure that it isn't lining the
pockets of various corrupt government officials. (Tens of billions of
Western dollars have already gone down the toilet and we don't need to
waste more!)

Actually, Africa has a long tradition of free markets and decentralized
power. Recent events are a historical aberration.