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Dwayne (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:35:28 +1100

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> The British tended to respect cutural diversity, except in matters such as cannibalism
> and wife burning, etc., at least in their later colonial period. Of course the early
> period gave us countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, to name a few, with their
> attendant decimation of local native populations. Unlike the Spanish or French, who
> tended to wipe out cultures and enslave them throughout their colonial history, the
> British merely overlaid systems of parliamentary government, judicial systems, and
> undertook to educate the best and brightest of the natives. If you looked at a list of
> countries today that were once British colonies, and compared them to the former colonies
> of other former great powers, you would find that the former British colonies are today
> much more stable, and developed economically, politically, and culturally, by and large.

Just curious:

Given that, as you say above, the British colonised north america and australia in the "early
period", which countries did it colonise later?