Re: Virtual Obsession

Brian L. Fritz (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 22:23:04 -0500

Paul Hughes wrote:

> "Patience Luke!"
> Since you didn't watch the whole thing your opinion hols no weight.
> Had you stuck through to the end, it has a very positive ending - when we see
> the "complete" birth of the first post-biological being - the guy in the
> wheelchair. Since Juliets copy was somehow corrupted in the upload process, we
> see the the more primal and lower level emotional desires dominated her
> construct. Your impatience was your loss my friend.
> Paul

OK, I should have watched the whole thing, my mistake. The first two
hours seemed to play out the technophobia themes that are so common in
TV and movies. I get upset with plots that promote the sense that the
average individual is being suffocated by computers and technology. The
elevator and escalator scene for example. The idea that computers/AI
can and will reach out and destroy any decent person's life, and there
is no escape! I know that wasn't the point of the movie, but that is
what turned me off.

Technotranscendence wrote:

> I agree that it does show many negative things about uploading, though
> the cryonics/life extension stuff was not really attacked directly in the
> movie.

Well I can't speak for the last hour, but from what I watched, the
general public was left with idea that cryonics is a joke because,

1. the cryonics company will go broke and you will end up a rotting
corpse in some warehouse, which was displayed very graphically in the
2. your family will go to court and have you planted anyway
3. the cryonics company will readily hand over your frozen head to some
one unqualified to maintain the suspension equipment
4. the equipment will break down and you will end up in a basement
freezer next to the ice cream and frozen fish, or worst yet, out on the

For Extropians, these aspects of the movie are silly and we ignore
them. But how will the general public view this?

Brian L. Fritz