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At 05:05 PM 2/27/98 -0500, DOUG.BAILEY@EY.COM wrote:

>Extropian art? I've just do not get it. What is the
>significance of art by people who actively strive for

Some transhumans are artists. Their work, as professionals or as hobbyists,
is very dear to them. Their art provides them with a venue to explore and
expose ideas -- a means to express their views of transhumanity.

What is the significance of science by transhumans? What is the
significance of developing technologies by transhumans? What is the point
of writing transhuman science fiction, or transhuman non-fiction? What is
the point for designing healthy foods, or working out? What is the point of
living, for that matter?

>I am not saying it has no significance. But
>how significant is it in the grand scheme of things?

Extraordinarily insightful -:) What's the significance of a kiss in the
grand scheme of things? What's the significance of an idea or a moment of
brilliance in the grand scheme of things?

> Granted,
>it may have some peripheral value. But does such a concept
>warrant the allocation of resources it has been afforded?

The value of an idea is priceless.

> I enjoyed my visit to the art site
>but could help but wonder what other ways the time and effort
>expended to create and maintain that site could have been more
>effectively utilized.

Extropic Art site is not a part of Extropy Institute. That is stated on just
about every page of the site. Interesting that you should comment on the
cost of labor on this Web site. Frankly, every hour working on it was worth
every dollar, especially because it came out of my pocket and has brought me
the greatest reward - a sense of accomplishment.

Regarding your comments on technology and sex; uploads and bio-technological
fashion; the Singularity and creativity:

The future of sex is integral to our future. Technology and sex are
intertwined and becoming more so. Fashion (bio-tech bodies) and technology
are intertwined and will become a major domain for engineers/artists.

By the way, the site is co-sponsored by FM-2030. He is very
interested in sex and technology. Style, and art. Also, the fashion of
Bio-technology. He is also very interested in culture. He also loves
glamour and the idea of avatars. He should also be credited for being the
strongest advocate of transhumanity. He did author the first book about
transhumans, explicitly, which I consider to be the foremost book about
transhuman values. He is also my colleague who I respect.

(I'm not offended by your post. Frankly, I'm a bit amused that someone
could be so inflexible about what is and isn't transhuman, that you, sir,
make me want to rally around all creative thinkers who dare to produce
creative projects that reflect transhumanity.)

Art and the Singularity? I think Vernor Vinge would strongly disagree with
your assumed notion that the Singularity is not affiliated with the
creative. He is an artist, you know.

Oh, and by the way, Eric Drexler himself is quite stylish and frequently
displays the art of humor.

What use is humor, in the grand scheme of things?

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