Re: NEXUS: Extropian communities

Craig Presson (fcp@Traveller.COM)
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:43:36 -6

On 26 Feb 98 at 6:10, "Derek Strong" <> wrote:

> We might consider having a Nexus Naming Contest, if people were game.
> Maybe we'd offer some money (or something) to whomever comes up with a
> name we decide to use.

Um, how about one of those shoulder rubs?
I don't have any new name ideas right off, but Phoenexus (sounds
like penises) beats ExNex (reminds me of ExLax) ...

BTW, I am fresh from a massive cleanup of my home page and the nanotech
sub-page. I was pretty embarrassed by the dead-link density. I noticed
I don't have much explicit Extropian content, so next time I go in
there I will at least drop in a link to ExI.

-- (Freeman Craig Presson)