Re: NEXUS: Extropian communities

Natasha V. More (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:38:50 -0600

Derek Strong comments:

> (I would
>LOVE to hear of other's good experiences, though.

Our LA ExNex is a revolving door of intellectual stimulation and exotic
ambiance. What I appreciate the most about creating this hub here in LA is
that it draws to it some of the most fascinating transhuman I have ever met.
It is not only my and Max's desire to build a lift-off environ for friends
to relax and feel at home, but also a place inspire others. From our many
dinner parties, meetings and extropian festivities, it seems that our LA
ExNex is in perpetual extro-motion.

>That didn't happen for us overnight.

Nor for us either, Derek. It took some foreplay and then a few more dates
and then meeting each other's biological families, then extended families,
checking linens, crystal patterns, etc. ... -:)

>It took multiple
>extropians dedicated to seeking long term growth, aided by informed empathy,
>understanding, and insight.

This seems to be the framing concept. A meme burst for HUMOR and KINDNESS.

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