Clinton, Privacy & Interns

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Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:

> Daniel Ust wrote:
> > If he and Hillary had said from the start that they have an open
> > marriage and the Bill likes to fool around, fine. But this is not
> > what he's done. In fact, this goes against his professed
> > beliefs. Thus, it does not require adherence to any
> > _antisexual_ moral code to see this as a character flaw.
> Why are Bill and/or Hillary obligated to tell us the truth
> about their private sexual lives?

IAN: I agree that they are not so obliged. It seems
to me that lies about private and consensual sexual
activity do not fall into the category of unethical,
since private means "off limits" by definition, and
therefore this whole affair should be off limits to
both the press and Starr. People going into public
life have to sacrifice many areas of their private
lives, but their sexual activity, so long as it is
consensual, is and should not be one of those areas.

That aside, of note is the fact that a few days after
Newsweek's Mike Isikoff reported that Clinton had an
affair with an unamed "former White House staffer" a
former White House intern, Mary Mahoney, was brutally
executed in the infamous Starbucks massacre.

The fact that nobody heard the 10 shots fired by the
assassins suggests that silencers were used, and thus
that it was a high-level job. What is more, no money
was taken from the cash register!! Mary Mahoney was
simply targeted for "termination." Here's some key
excerpts from two articles on this case:


Coffee Shop a Fateful Stop on Three Career Paths

By Sari Horwitz and John W. Fountain

On the surface, the trio couldn’t have seemed more
different...But all three -- Emory Allen Evans, 25;
Mary Caitrin Mahoney, 25; and Aaron David Goodrich,
18 -- had overcome challenges in their young lives
and landed jobs in a Georgetown coffee shop. Each
described the job to family and friends as a
pivotal step toward a future goal.

Instead, last Sunday night, in several horrific
moments, those lives ended together. They were gun-
ned down execution-style in the back room of the <---
Starbucks on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, a
trendy coffee shop in an affluent Washington nei-
ghborhood that is seldom touched by such violence.

D.C. police detectives still don't know what happened
in that room sometime after 9:15 p.m. Preliminary bal-
listics tests indicate that 10 rounds were fired from
two guns in what may have been an attempted robbery.
But police have said no money was stolen from the <---
store, a point that haunts the victims’ survivors.
Mary Belle Annenberg, Caity Mahoney's mother, said
that one day Chelsea Clinton walked into Starbucks.
Caity was thrilled. She had worked as an intern for <---
President Clinton in the White House. But Chelsea <---
couldn't find any money. Caity reached into her
pocket and bought the president's daughter a
hazelnut latte.
Caity, the coffee shop's assistant manager, was
first shot once in the chest, police said. She had
raised her hands to her face, possibly to protect
herself. A bullet pierced her hands and hit her
face. Then she was shot in the back of the head.


IAN: Despite a $100,000 reward offered by Starbucks
for information leading to an arrest of the killers,
the Starbucks massacre remains unsolved. There was
a person who offered to provide police information
on the murders but before he could help, he was
murdered (Washington Post, 11/06/97).


The following is excerpted from: Strategic Weekly
Briefings, by Craig Karpel, January 23, 1998:

According to my sources, when Monica Lewinsky first met
with Vernon Jordan in November 1997 she told him she
didn’t want to end up like Caity Mahoney. Jordan pro-
fessed not to know whom Lewinsky was referring to until
she identified Mahoney as the former White House intern
who was murdered last summer in a Starbucks. The Starbucks
murders were big news in Washington because, as D.C.
Council member Jack Evans put it, "To have a triple
homicide anywhere in the District of Columbia is an
unusual event. To have a triple homicide in Georgetown
is extraordinary."

My sources tell me that Jordan gently told Lewinsky not
to let her imagination run away with her and assured her
that she was in no danger of being murdered on orders
from Bill Clinton or anyone associated with Bill Clinton.

And what of the unsolved murder of Caity Mahoney?

A $100,000 reward offered by Starbucks hasn't caused
anyone to come forward.

The police have gotten nowhere. Virginia Mahoney, Caity's
stepmother, worked for six years in the U.S. attorney's
office in Baltimore assisting crime victims’ families.
"I'm furious," she says. "If there's one thing I know,
it's service to crime victims, and we're not getting it."


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