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Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:33:18 -0800

In light of a recent thread, I find it somewhat appropriate to post
this poem:


Through ignorance and a determined pride
The son of a god cast wisdom aside
And took on a task he could not fulfill;
Despite good intentions and no ill will,
Clymene’s son Phaėton did not have the skill
To handle the chariot of the sun
As father Apollo had always done.
But, alas! how stubborn pure youth can be,
Causing foolishness and stupidity,
Making reason as blind as bravery,
Provoking insolence to fill the veins.
Unknowing of truth, Phaėton seized the reins,
And this he found out a moment too late:
It was Phaėton who would cause Phaėton’s fate.

By: E. Shaun Russell

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