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Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:34:11 -0700

At 01:23 PM 2/17/98 +0100, "The Dutch-dreamer" wrote:
>For sure: We could pull it of !!! if sigh :-)
>- we can find the island/boat
>- enough people with money (anybody an educated guess?)
>- can found a start-up company(s) that generate income right away
> * software development
> * Internet selling/development
> * Hotels (in case of a tropical island)
> * selling art/books/music
> * research
> * etc..
>- we have a modest life-style (in the beginning)
>- we have practical laws
>- can export goods/knowledge

Much (if not all of this) is being done by various different "groups"
around the world. Someone mentioned Freedomship
<> (was it Anders Sandberg
who suggested the surplus Oil Tanker buy-up? -- much
more feasible technically, although I'm no ship builder!!), then
there's Laissez Faire City (currently in Costa Rica) <>
and New Utopia Sea Country <>, and
of course perhaps the grandmother of them all, Oceania
<> However, there is one
(less known, unpublicised) endeavour by the founder of
Investors International ( <> talk
to us if you want to join) who is already well on his way to
buying up a group of islands (Carribbean, I think) and selling
beachfront property. The organisation already has its own
bank (class B, Lichtenstein) with online/smartcard facilities
available soon.

Apart from all that, the Sovereign Individual/PT "movement"
aroung the globe could be harmonised to a sufficient focus
on a specific project (such as this "Extropian Country") with
a workable blueprint to present. (I heard the figure of a
million mentioned for Investors International membership with
all these people knowledgeable to a certain extent about
Sovereignty/PT and Offshore situations which, IMO, is a
prerequisite to achieving anything like this subject.

>I picture a: Tropical island with a (near by) airport, since a lot of "us"
>doing business all over the world. Hotels, research labs (I think the bio-
>genetic industry, would be very interested), hospital, cryonics provider,
>"learning-farms" (were people can combine their holiday with catching up
>on the new stuff), self-supporting ecco systems, webbased polling systems
>on deciding what/how/were. Open libraries, conference centers were
>scientists from around the world can discuss everything, etc......
>(well "all" share some idea's :-)

See the links above for some of this. An "Extropian Focus" could fill
in the gaps.

>Well needless to say I would go all the way for this, if we could trigger a
>critical mass of people from this list to really develop a blue-print.........
>Anyone :-)

OK. For starters send us a private email with "Subscribe iU" in the
subject and I'll put you on the list for our *periodic email communique*
commencing soon, covering this subject and others relevant to The
Uni-v.e.r.s.e. With a blue-print all this becomes a lot more feasible.

Sigh no more :o),
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