Re: Hemp

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Wed, 04 Feb 1998 12:04:18 +0000

> Anders Sandberg

> The goal IMHO should be drugs that are as independent of set and
> setting as possible - they should work even if you don't believe in
> them. Sure, set and setting can build a lot on this, but without a
> strong pharmacological basis you could as well eat sugar pills and use
> the placebo constructively.

Well put. I'm often wondering if the effects I enjoy on the drug are
learned and only triggered psychological reactions to being drugged.

What do you think about the effects of meditation and relaxation on

For a while, I considered that perhaps hemp put me into a state similar to
that of a meditation guru. Perhaps this sent me down the road to thinking
I was really short cutting years of serious mental discipline...?

Above you discuss that everyone seems to have a biased view point and that
I can certainly agree with. But what about the effects on artists that
have learned to use the drugs during the creative process? I can clearly
see the science in isolating the effects of hemp on inexperienced

I remember that when I first tried to smoke it and create music I was
completely unproductive. With all of this computer and synthesis
technology around me, not to mention the recording technology, I was
completely lost. It took some trial and error for me to get comfortable
doing complex things under the influence. HOWEVER, once I passed through
this stage, it seemed that overcoming that barrier had given me a more
intuitive relationship with the gear. Sort of like taking off the ankle
weights and jumping around. My mind seemed lighter and more flexible in a
way. As an experimental musician, I found my experiences more profound and
informed by that less tangible portion of consciousness. What is
intuition? Perhaps I'm using it too liberally. But I still find that under
the influence my mind seems to flow better while immersed inside of the
web of technocomplexity. If I was an engineer /scientist it may be
different, but for artists, I think we all have the same story to tell
when under the influence of hemp. (if you don't mind me speaking on behalf
of you out there..)

all right.. enough ranting...rambling...

jeff taylor