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> >> Also ive heard that scientists can tell that we lived on a primarily fruit
> >> diet for a long time by the way our teeth are.
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> >Sure, that's why we have canines, right?
> Primate canines are apparently primarily for male-male sexual dominance
> displays. The size of canines in primate is very closely correlated with
> how often males fight for females. Monogamous species have small canines
> and harem species have big ones.
> But, yes, many primates eat mostly fruit, including some putative ancestors,
> and I think it is reflected in the teeth somehow.

Yet the chimpanzee, contrary to the claims of liberally blindered researchers,
have been shown to prefer meat as a food source. Even Dr. Goodall has confirmed
this. Since chimps are our closest existing relatives, I think that what some
fruit sucking lemur does is a little less relevant. Better yet is what
paleontologists find out about our ancestors like Home Heidelbergensis, Homo
Antecessor,, or Proto-Homo Sapiens preferred for a diet.

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