Meat eating

Mark D. Fulwiler (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 18:33:14 -0700

The human body is really not designed to process a lot of meat with the
high level of fat common in modern farm animals. The wild meat the
cavemen were eating is nothing like the fat laden stuff you see in your
local supermarket. It's pretty well established that a high fat diet is
not good for you. Yes, there are bad high fat vegetarian foods, but
limiting (or eliminating) your meat intake and eating low fat vegetarian
fare seems to be a healthy way to go.

Frankly, I do not care what anyone on this list eats, but you do not
need to eat meat.

However, I would question the idea (expressed by Max More) that we would
have more food on the market if we didn't eat meat. There are three main
reasons some people do not have enough to eat:

1. They don't have money to buy food
2. Political interference in agricultural production.
3. War.

My food buying habits will change none of these factors. Just because I
stop eating meat, it does not follow that more grain will now go to feed
a starving child in Africa. Almost certainly, total grain production
would just decrease in response to decreased demand.