Re: Clinton's sexual adventures...

eyehi (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 20:26:37 -0500

About the misognist accusation...It is my opinion that because Clinton
has had the majority of the womens' vote...this fiasco is the "other
side's" attempt to discredit him and his party with this block of
voters. (Anything to win an election!) Personally, I am sick and tired
of it all. Let the Pres do his job.


Derek Strong wrote:
> Now, I know this isn't the most directly "extropian" topic... In many ways
> what the U.S. President does or doesn't do is irrelevant...
> <RANT>
> Am I the only one pissed off by the apparent fact that so many
> people want to hang him if it turns out he had an affair? I mean, come on! I
> saw one quote from one of the lawyers who, while not rushing to judgement about
> the veracity of the claims, said that if the claims were true, it would mean
> that the president is a misogynist.
> On what planet?
> Did anyone else ever see an obscure movie called "Eating the Rich"? Among a
> variety of strange plotlines, there is the story of a high-ranking Government
> Official who gets trapped in a sex scandal based on having had an extramarital
> affair. The person who sets him up hopes, of course, that this will ruin the
> Official and force him from office. Except in that story, the trap backfires.
> The Official's popularity soars like never before, as the Tabloids run story
> after story about how the Official "gets his little bit on the side."
> I've always loved that line, and wish it were more like that in this country.
> Does anyone, in this day and age, actually believe that a guy like Clinton is
> a wife-loving family man? That he could possibly resist the allure of
> sex brought by the mystique of being powerful? Of course not.
> But once it's out in the open, well, then we'd better hang him, eh?
> </RANT>
> Sorry for taking up bandwidth with nothing more than a complaint.
> Derek Strong