Re: Clinton's sexual adventures...

Natasha V. More (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 20:05:43 -0600

Derek Strong wrote:

> <RANT>
> Am I the only one pissed off by the apparent fact that so many
> people want to hang him if it turns out he had an affair? I mean, come on!


At 08:08 PM 1/23/98 -0500, Michael Lorrey wrote:

(snip) He apparently also has committed obstruction of
>justice, in trying to get the girl to not say anything. That's called
>with a witness, and is a felony. Lying about whether or not he did that is
also an
>offense. I personally don't care if he lines them up 20 deep every day for
a romp
>on the oval office couch. ... (snip)


Last night I watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and also Vibe while
roaring in laughter at the jokes made about Clinton and his choice of gals.

To be frank, I am not interested in how many people Clinton has sex with. I
don't care where he does it and how he does it. I don't even care that the
women are unaesthetic! What I do care are three things:

1. His Interfering with a witness is a felony. -- BIG mistake.
2. His lying is distasteful. -- Unhealthy problem.
3. The unabashed and blatantly crude tell-tale behavior of those who
had sex with him (more likely than not because of his power) in
disclosing/blabbing it to the press (more likely than not because of the
money) and then the ultimate insult of acting as if they are doing something
for some kind of justice or cause for "women" is an act of pretention. --

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