Re: The First Immortal

Anders Sandberg (
22 Jan 1998 12:28:07 +0100

Apropos the war-against-god movie idea, I'm working on a atheistic
fantasy setting for my roleplaying group. The gods, who were rather
troublesome ("Worship, or I'll smite thee!"), were *assassinated* by a
group of clever philosophers who tricked them into accepting a
poisoned blood-sacrifice. The death of the gods wrecked the world
(things like the sun crashing down into the sea, continents were
tilted and apocalyptic similar stuff), but after a few centuries new
civilizations have sprung up in a world which is completely god-free:
there is no point with religions, since everybody *knows* the gods are
dead. Instead of religion philosophy has become the major memetic
force, influencing the politics of the various city-states deeply. It
is a bit like the Italian renaissance/4th century BC Greece. A major
theme is the struggle between reason (represented by the philosophers)
and irrationalism (represented by the dragons). I call the setting
"Philosophers & Dragons" :-)

Yak Wax <> writes:

> The check is in the post. Here's some other sci-fi themes ticking
> over in my mind:
> An uploaded universe ruled by a "Reality Council" who decides what's
> real and what's not, young hopefuls struggle to make it up the
> political ladder so that they can reap the benefits of being able to
> pass "Reality Legislation."

:-) Reminds me a bit of the ideological conflicts between the
different poli in Egan's _Diaspora_: one regards physical reality as
boring and trivial, while another thinks it is dangerous to forget it
and our ties to it. In a third objects in the virtual reality can all
interpenetrate, since it would be coersion to block passage.

> Androids that don't want to be human.
> An upload who downloads into a human body and is overwhelmed by the
> shear lack of substance in the real world.


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