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Yak Wax (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 10:55:05 -0800 (PST)

Harvey Newstrom <> wrote:

>John K Clark <> wrote:

No he didn't.

[My Humanity vs. God movie idea...]
> An entity claiming to be God announces that it is here to take over
> Earth. It gives "omnipotent" information that convinces the
Churches of
> all religions that it really is God. (Probably secret information
> by the elite rulers of each religion.) The religious believe and
> "God". Atheists and scientists disbelieve "God", and think he's an
> future entity, or something from another dimension. They wage war
> "God", and must function underground because most of the Earth
believes in
> "God". God fights with almost omnipotent power and/or future
> After a greatly entertaining story, the humans win.

But the original point was - "That's God, our all powerful creator.
What the hell, let's kill him anyway." You've lost the whole social

> Conclusion: The religious decide that it could not have been God,
> we won. It must have been the false-God as prophesied for the end
> They announce that since the false-God prophesy was real, that this
> proves that there is a God! They also announce that according to the
> now-proven prophesies, the real God is coming real-soon now. (Hook
for the
> blockbuster sequel!)

I like the ending, just like real life.

Anyway here's the story so far: Crowded street, traffic jam (tip: all
good movies have traffic jams) a strange winged creature falls out of
the sky and land on the top of a taxi (tip: if you're going to focus
on one car make it a taxi, taxis pull crowds) and that's as far as I

> Please make out my portion of the royalties in U.S. funds to Harvey
> Newstrom. Thanks.

The check is in the post. Here's some other sci-fi themes ticking
over in my mind:

An uploaded universe ruled by a "Reality Council" who decides what's
real and what's not, young hopefuls struggle to make it up the
political ladder so that they can reap the benefits of being able to
pass "Reality Legislation."

A Sci-fi television series where there are no psychics and/or social

Aliens land and don't want to judge us because we're so barbaric.

The worlds first science fiction novel that actually covers social
changes beyond - "We no longer shake hands, we rub feet."

Androids that don't want to be human.

An upload who downloads into a human body and is overwhelmed by the
shear lack of substance in the real world.

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