Re: The Cloning Debate (again)

Erik Moeller (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 20:32:57 +0100

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> Beleive what? That a person should have to demonstrate a minimum fiscal
> capacity before being allowed to reproduce? While one could say this is an
> unreasonable imposition on the individuals rights to procreate, I say that
> my being forced by government, society, and my own concience, to support the
> abandoned products of irresponsible reproduction is an unreasonable
> impostion on my privacy, my personal productivity, and my rights to enjoy
> the fruits of that productivity. My being forced to pay for not only the
> irresponsible reproduction, but to pay an incompetent government bureaucracy
> to raise these children in such a negligent manner is also being forced to
> be an accessory to child neglect and abuse, while my own ability to properly
> support and demonstrate a fiscal ability to properly raise my own offspring
> is infringed upon. Pick someone elses pocket, buddy!!

It's exactly reactions like this one I expected. That happens when a free
capitalist gets the tool of cloning. Earn a living or die out. Everybody can
do it.
Those so-called poor people just don't try hard enough.