Subject: God

Tony Hollick (
Sun, 11 Jan 98 07:32 GMT0

Bryan Magee, in his fine little book 'Popper', summarizes the
philosophical status of the 'God' issue very succinctly:

"The statement 'God exists' has meaning, and may even be true.
However, since no conceivable evidence could _falsify_ the
statement, it cannot be scientific in character."

Popper (a humanist agnostic) suggests that there are two forms of
religious thinking:

[1] "Dominate or prostrate yourself" -- (unacceptable): or:

[2] "Always remember that -- while men are not gods -- each has a
divine spark."

I may have said this before hereabouts, but it bears repeating.

"We are all divine sparks of the Flame Imperishable." >:-}