Re: Supplements and personality features

David A Musick (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 19:28:33 -0500

Alexander Chislenko asks:

"There are many substances that are known to affect one's energy level,
mental acuity, mood, empathy, etc. What about slightly more complex
personality features, such as curiosity, sociability, assertiveness,
willpower? Are there any supplements that can safely and selectively
affect these features?"

I don't know if there are any supplements right now that affect the
personality features mentioned. However, since I am someone with Bipoar
Disorder (manic-depression), I occasionally go into a hypomanic state of
mind. In a hypomanic state of mind, I feel much more curious, sociable,
assertive, have much more confidence and willpower and have a quicker,
more intelligent and creative mind. The hypomanic state is common for
people with Bipolar Disorder, and it is believed to be chemically induced
and has a profound effect on the personality.

Perhaps more research will reveal what chemicals in the brain are
responsible for inducing the hypomanic state of mind. Then perhaps a
drug can be produced which induces the hypomanic state of mind in people.
I can see a lot of benefits here.

David Musick (

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