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Sat, 10 Jan 1998 21:22:39 EST

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<<The idea that our universe was created by an intelligent being is very
attractive to most people. Of course, that intelligent being could have
many possible characteristics and motivations. Many atheists continue to
use the tired argument, "if there is a God, why all the suffering?",
without realizing that there is no connection between creating a universe
and ensuring that no suffering occurs within that system. They have
placed the unnecessary restriction that God must care about suffering and
is able to do anything about it. That's also true for their arguments
regarding omnipotence or omniscience. *Some* people's Gods have those
qualities, but not every God concept includes God being omnipotent and

When atheists state there is no God, they are making a very bold,
unsupported claim, since there are so many possible variations on the God
concept. I don't consider it rational to make such claims without any
supporting evidence or logical proofs.>>

The case against "God" has nothing to do with suffering. Any attempt to
formulate a "God" concept presents the thinker with the problem of an
infinite regress. You have no right to the words "rational" or "logical"
if you try to evade this issue.