Re: Non-lethal technologies, was Re: Future Technologies of Death

Dwayne (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 15:50:03 +1100 (EST)


> If any of you were watching the Discovery Channel program called "Shoot
> NOT to Kill" last night, you'd notice a device I had developed back in
> the late 80's is now being bandied about as a law enforcement tool. They
> discussed the use of short range contact and focussed beam EMP weapons
> to easily stop automobiles. I had built a device exactly like they
> discussed and demonstrated back in '89 and used it successfully against
> police trying to stop me for speeding. It shot a focussed EMP pulse in a
> cone behind my vehicle to a range of about 150 feet that would toast the
> engine control chips of a pursuing vehicle....

how often were you able to use this device? did the police ever find out?
If so, what did they do?

While being fascinated by such devioces, I'm even more fascinated by their
active use, as most of the people I know just put up with the police like
good little citizens (including me, generally).

> Of course, no mention was made of the origin of this device, and the
> sort of application that ne'er-do-wells like myself could make of this
> technology....

Well, true.