Re: Savior Machines?

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 23:01:19 +0000

At 01:22 PM 1/4/98 -0800, Max More wrote:

> I strongly recommend the novel The Truth Machine by
>James L. Halperin. Jim is a member both of Extropy Institute and Alcor.
>Following up on this fine first novel, his second is about to be released:
>The First Immortal -- an extremely extropian view of life extension.

I've just received a review copy (from the USA - White Wolf Publishing,
1997, I assume just out) of SILICON KARMA, by Thomas A. Easton. He's the
book reviewer for *Analog*, who in the early '90s wrote several books about
`gengineering'. This one deals with uploading. I've only just started it,
but it contains some interesting early posits - scanning is
non-destructive, and copies live sequestered in manipulable VR machine
space: `philosophers and ethicists and theologians insisted that the divide
be respected, that the dead have their afterlives to themselves. Seeing
them is too painful for both the living and the dead' (p. 11). This seems
to me unlikely, and probably just a convenient narrative device, but it's
an idea I'd never encountered before.

Damien Broderick