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mikec@jax.gulfnet.com (Mike C.) On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 Wrote:

>They [copies] would not be me. A would think it was A, B would think
>it was B.

A would think it was A, B would think it was A, both would be correct.

You walk into a matter duplicating chamber, there is a blinding flash of
light, when your eyes clear there is a man who looks just like you standing
to your right. I have 3 questions.

1) How could you determine if you were the "original" (whatever that means)
or the "copy"?
2) Why should you even care?
3) If you somehow found out that you were the copy, what if anything would
you do?

>They are exposed to different memes. They evolve diferently.

Certainly, as time went on the two would start to diverge.

>One difference, no matter how small, means they are not the same.

Don't drink a cup of coffee, it will change you far more than Quantum
Uncertainty ever will.

>Different atoms = different people.

Then you are quite literally a different person than you were one year ago
because your atoms are different, it doesn't matter. Atoms have no
distinguishing marks, no scratches on them to tell them apart. In Science
you can exchange one atom of Hydrogen with another one and the system does
not change at all. If atoms themselves have no individuality I don't see how
on earth they could give this interesting property to us.

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