Re: What is to be done?

Jay Reynolds Freeman (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 21:06:43 -0800

> > For the record, I consider transhumanism desirable, libertarianism
> > undesirable, and see no connection between them. (And out of respect
> > for list convention, I do not seek to open debate on the second
> > clause.)
> I fail to see how avoiding political debate or discussion is respectful
> to this listserv. [...]

The Squirrel acknowledges the case made for debating the subjects
mentioned; notwithstanding, if memory serves, such discussions often
rapidly deteriorate into libertarian/antilibertarian flame wars, of
which many list members bore easily; hence the convention mentioned.
And although the Squirrel enjoys throwing nuts and chattering at
people as only a member of his tribe can; nevertheless, he, too, bores
easily, so will save his ammunition for more interesting targets.

The Squirrel made his "for the record" posting only to save other
list members from the egregious and embarrassing error of mistaking
him for a libertarian. Ew. 8:) <-- (smiling Squirrel face)

-- Jay Freeman, First Extropian Squirrel.