Re: help with "proof" for non-existence of God

Johnny Carwash (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 23:57:25 -0400

> I disagree with Johnny Carwash's statement that some are too pious
>to be swayed from their faith in god, or that faith and science can
>coexist(although I think he actually said faith and nanotechnology) I do
>not see how faith and Pancritical Rationalism can exist together, and PCR
>is really what is necessary for a workable scientific method. An
>unshakeable faith in god means that you could just as easily have an
>unshakable faith in lamarkism. Of course, thinking that god probably
>exists, and that god irrefutably exists are two entirely separate things,
>as separate as science and faith.

Maybe I can put some insight into what I was trying to say. I come from a
somewhat religious Jewish background, although I am an atheist, and I have
had many debates with people who believe in God over whether or not God
conflicts with science. To me, and to many others, there's nothing in
rational thought that conflicts with God. To many people, including Albert
Einstein, the incredible complexity of the universe, and how it all works so
beautifully, is proof of God itself. There's nothing in the bible that
negates the rational concepts of science. In Judaism, most people are not
fundamentalists, and there is something of a consesus, (surprisingly very
commonly in the very orthodox groups), that the Torah is designed for
interpretation. Commentaries such as Rashi, and the Talmud go one step in
that direction. The next step is the mystical discipline of Gematria, using
numbers to learn more about the nature of God and of the word. In this way
science and religion can coexist. The more we learn about the nature of our
universe, the more we learn about God. The higher we ascend as a species,
the closer we come to God. Keep in mind that the afterlife is a xtian
concept, not a Jewish one. Faith in God doesn't go against science, it
encourages it.
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