Re: >H Open Air Space Habitats

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 19:50:54 -0500

Forrest Bishop wrote:
> >From: Michael Lorrey <>
> ..
> >Nope, build it edge on to the sun, with no transparent sectors. the
> ring
> >shields itself from radiation, and the edge of the rim will have
> fresnel
> >lenses on both sides to focus light inward to the opposite edge.
> Interesting. With a very "short" cylinder (almost looks like a toroid)
> (length << radius), one could build a large (curved) mirror collecting
> all
> the light from full end-on area facing the sun (pi*r^2), and focus it
> down
> to the much smaller farmland area (2*pi*r*length), to get the full
> Earth-standard amount of sunlight at distances much further away from
> Sol
> than Earth.
> [[I think Lorrey means 'the axis of rotation collinear with the orbital
> axis'.
> Do note the period of the 1000 Km, one gravity design is .558 hour
> (33.5
> minutes).

I meant that the sun would be in the plane of rotation, so that one side
of the ring would eclipse the opposite side, thus sheilding it from
direct exposure. The fresnel lenses would be an extension of the
cylinder, so that the opposite face would get light bent around the
north and south ends of the ring. Yes, using this, more light could be
gathered when further away from the sun, but the downside is that with
structures of such intermediate size, the "day" would equal the period
of rotation, and would be more like the minute hand on the clock.
Possibly a seriously disorienting experience, going through 48 light
cycles in a day, but possibly balanced by artificial lighing. They could
however, alternate between reflective and refractive states, thus
allowing natural lighting for the full circuit, and having colony wide
day and night cycles.


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