Re: we few, we stupid few libertarians

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 19:59:42 -0500

Erik Moeller wrote:
> Anton Sherwood wrote:
> > If by "greed" you mean self-interest, do you deny that self-interest
> > motivates you? I assume that most people are similar enough to me
> > that if libertarianism is good for me, it's good for them.
> I'd like a high income, too. High enough to allow me to pay my phone bills, finance
> my computer activities, realize myself. But is it still self-interest to accumulate
> millions or even billions? Is it need? If this wealth was shared, nobody would have
> to starve. There would be no poverty. Everything would be great, fantastic, perfect.
> The problem you ignore is accumulation.
> Erik Moeller

The problem you ignore is the numbers. You aren't doing your math.
Confiscating the wealth of the top 20% and giving it equally to
everybody wouldn't do squat. The total wealth of the entire world is
estimated at $50 trillion. With over 5.5 billion people, thats less than
$10,000 per person, as a one time payment, once, thats it. One hell of a
big party and its all over. A 6 month socialist paradise...... hooey.


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