Re: we few, we stupid few libertarians

Max More (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 21:02:59 -0800

At 11:03 PM 3/9/97 +0100, Erik Moeller wrote:
>I'd like a high income, too. High enough to allow me to pay my phone
bills, finance
>my computer activities, realize myself. But is it still self-interest to
>millions or even billions? Is it need? If this wealth was shared, nobody
would have
>to starve. There would be no poverty. Everything would be great,
fantastic, perfect.

Share the accumulated wealth and you have no investment. No investment, no
jobs, no progress, lots of poverty.

Of course it's self-interest to accumulate millions and billions. If I had
billions I would be funding technologies starting with life extension to my
benefit. I'd be delighted that many other people would benefit too, but
certainly it would benefit me.

If you think that simply having wealthy people give away their money to the
poor will abolish poverty, you're so far from the understand of the
economic world that Extropians have that this discussion doesn't belong on
this list. This list is not intended to debate such basics. Read the
welcome message please.


P.S. Why are you messages flagged as extremely urgent? Are they really? Or
are you having a problem with your email settings?

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