re: HIV=/=AIDS Video

Pat Fallon (
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 14:32:49 -0500

>>>>Pat Fallon wrote:
>>>> The period of research into the cause of AIDS which considered both
>>>>agents lasted only 3 years. It ended in April 1984 when our government
>>>>announced at a press conference that HIV caused AIDS prior to the
>>>>publication of any scientific evidence.

>>>Davin C. Enigl wrote:
>>>That is not correct. It was published in 1983 not 1984 in _Science_ (the
>>>year before the U.S. announcement)...
>>>How convenient to forget this.

>>Fallon replied:
>>How convient to substitute a paper on another virus for the one we are
>>talking about...
>>In 1983, Gallo published a paper in Science in which he claimed that a
>>retrovirus called HTLV-I caused AIDS...
>>In 1984, under dubious cicumstances, he took credit for isolating a
>>retrovirus he called HTLV-III from a number of AIDS patients. This virus
>>was later renamed the HIV virus. His paper claiming this virus as the cause
>>of AIDS was published in April of 1984 in Science

>Davin C. Enigl replied:
>I just don't follow you. So what, HIV was renamed from HTLV-III

HIV was renamed from HTLV-III. But the paper you cited, that Gallo published
in 1983, claimed that ANOTHER virus, HTLV-I, caused AIDS. It was not
until a year later, in 1984, that Gallo published his arguments that HTLV-III
causes AIDS. So when you said Gallo's paper arguing that the virus later
renamed HIV "... was published in 1983 not 1984", you are wrong. Do you
follow that?

Pat Fallon