Re: BUSINESS: Transhuman Posters

Johnny Carwash (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 01:56:04 -0400

>Although many thought Johnny Carwash's post an insult to transhumans,
>normally I would ignore this type of scoff. However, out of respect to other
>list members, I'll respond to the post. Being "trendy" is not my style, nor
>do I honestly think it is a pastime of transhumans on this list. I set
>trends, I don't follow them.
>>First of all, the idea of a human or
>>posthuman or transhuman or anyotherprefixhuman with silicon skin isn't even
>>a concept out of science fiction, it's a concept out of stupid people trying
>>to be trendy.
>I'm amiss here. I was referring to a bathing suit skin structure. Silicon
>has various elements, according to my references. Because silicon dioxide,
>or silica, has a low thermal coefficient of expansion, it is used in objects
>subjected to wide ranges of heat and cold. And also, any of a group of
>"semi-inorganic polymers based on the structural unit R2SiO, where R is an
>organic group, characterized by wide-range thermal stability, high
>lubricity, extreme water repellence, and physiological inertness and used in
>adhesives, lubricants, protective coatings, paints, electrical insulation,
>synthetic rubber, and prosthetic replacements for bodily parts."

I didn't object so much to your idea, but to using it to represent the
extropian movement and ideology. Silicon skin is a scifi cliche, and makes
us look stupid. I realize this is a matter of symantics, but Silicon doesn't
(and can't) have multiple elements, because it is an element (it does have
multiple isotopes, but that's irrelevent). Indeed Silicon can form different
compounds, among them Silicon Dioxide. Silicon Dioxide is also found in
quartz sand, and was recently been found to be the cause of the "singing
sands" phenomenon.

>>The crystals of pure silicon (Si) used as semiconductor chips
>>are used for the semiconductor properties of silicon. In addition, silicon's
>>crystaline lattice structure is very rigid (another reason it's used for
>>chips ..
>You do have a point here, and one to consider from the perspective you
>offer. However, it is limited in scope. Perhaps I could have spent more
>time in my post emphasizing what skin textures I will be presenting, but
>that was *not* the intent of the post, clearly.
>>>(Note: these images will in no way be gender biased. In fact, in
>>>pre-production are men, and other genders.)
>>I think that the images are kingdom biased! What about plants? eh?
>>Paramecium have a right to exist!! Don't they? .. speciesist ...
>This manner is childish and silly. How can any comment you make be taken
>earnestly when you lash out in what reads to be emotional wrath? It doesn't
>establish a sympathetic view of you.

Well, first of all the kingdoms of life thing was a joke, humour, sarcasm?
And it was emotional wrath, it really hurts me that you don't distinguish
between the real future and an imagined future. I consider myself an
extropian in that I believe that we can only improve our lives through
science and technology. What I don't believe is that we should make the
future look incredibly alien. The future is never alien. 5000 years ago,
society had more in common with today's society than it does different. It's
blind theorizing like that which makes all future oriented people look foolish.

This will be my only other reply. If you got offended, if I shook your ivory
towers at the root, too bad. Guess what, there's always going to be people
who disagree, and to the guy who was afraid I'd "smother" his movement with
my "pessimism", I say, WAKE UP! Guess what, the future won't be that much
fun. With increased power comes increased responsibility. The price of
liberty is constant vigilance. If you only look at one side of it, you can't
see anything, ok? If I could smother the entire extropian movement (Which I
consider myself a part of) by expressing one contrary idea, well, let's just
say it's on shaky ground to begin with.

Can I suggest you all go take a refresher course in chemistry and physics?
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