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Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 22:52:59 -0800

This post of mine didn't make it to the list last tiome I sent it:

Sitting on my ass waiting for the bus at the busstop on my way back from
college today I pondered the question of how we're going to integrate the
new technology of interactivity and three dimensional graphics such as
virtual reality with movies to create a new medium. Radio and Movies merged
to create broadcast telivision. How will movies evolve? So I conceived the
idea of "Theme Worlds". In a theme world you can select what role you wish
to play in the world. The world will have a limit to the number of people
who can be in there with you or extra people will be extras (probably just
browsing and passing through). There will be a small group of people
(usually referred to as the main characters of a movie). You will be able
to choose to play the role of one of these characters in the Theme World.
Multiple sessions of these theme worlds will be running and you would
select which character you would like to play the role of from a screen
showing profiles and statistics of each of the characters (aka avatars) and
upon selection, the program would dump you in the open slot in one of the
many sessions. There will be no fixed plotline or if there is one it will
gently nudge you along with obstacles or spontaneous orders where if one
character is playing his/her role, all others must follow in sequence or
else their avatars die or something because of the way the world is setup
or such to keep the action 'pace' (thanks Regina) going and preventing
boredom. Theme Worlds could be set in different universes, on different
planets, or in different periods of history. Each character would have
different skills, powers, whatever so you could experience these people's
virtual lives through their eyes. Have you ever wished you were a character
in a movie? Perhaps when you were a child? Ever wish you could see the
world in a book or movie through the hero or heroine's eyes? If this is the
future of entertainment then I predict it will be more real than we have
ever experienced. Has anyone written a book on this concept cause if not, I
will! I'm just overloaded with inspiration on this one right now! Damn how
can I write to Wired!!!

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to lose sight of the shore."

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