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<< introverted growing up, and did not begin to be
sociable till Junior year of high school, and had a big stage fright
problem up until I started my lighting business in Seattle in 1991.
Doing presentations repeatedly got me out of it. >>

I had the same experience. Now I give virtually any public speaking
presentation without much, if any, second thought. One of the reasons is
that I know my subjects much better than I did as a child. Also because I
know everything is a theory and subject to interpretation. So, when I know
someone will be disagreeing with me in the lecture, I don't take it so
personally and know that my theory is at least as good as the opposing
theory. Other people will sort the theories all out for themselves.

I don't even mind if I change my mind later and agree with the opponents. I
just change my next lecture accordingly and introduce the new information.


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March 6, 1997
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