Re: "The Fourth Turning" - A Must Read

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 18:26:24 -0500

Crosby_M wrote:
> Sounds like ones' level of sociability is a rational function of ones'
> situation in society, and not genetic (oops, wrong thread (-;),
> although there could *also* be some genetic predisposition to being
> more or less introverted.

I just saw a tv show on the Discovery Channel on twins, where they
showed that introversion and extroversion, at least in twins, was
closely related to the relative rate of development between the fetuses
in the womb. The faster developing one tended to be extroverted, while
the slower one interoverted. There seems to always be such an imbalance,
which starts when the embryo splits, as one of the new embryo's always
has more cells in it than the other. Given this, I would say that such
behavior is environmental rather than genetic, even though it may just
be due to pre birth environmental factors.

> Someone well established in a career with a secure position may not
> feel the need to be as sociable (assuming they're not in public
> relations, marketing or management) as someone just starting out and
> trying to make the right contacts. On the other hand, they may later
> decide that their position is not so secure after all and they may
> change their strategy once again.

i was also quite introverted growing up, and did not begin to be
sociable till Junior year of high school, and had a big stage fright
problem up until I started my lighting business in Seattle in 1991.
Doing presentations repeatedly got me out of it.


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